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--  Technique

First Time

* It sounds obvious, but laying down to kiss really makes things a lot easier. If it's your first make-out session as boyfriend/girlfriend, a bed is great to just lay on and kiss. It helps both of you get in better positions, and it's a LOT more comfy. - Mowsers

* Lightly take the top of your tongue, start down at the collar bone, then go behind the jaw, then kiss lightly behind the ear lobe. - Bubbles

* If it's your first kiss, then don't be worried. A lot of people get worried and choke. All you have to do is just when you start to kiss your love, breathe through your nose. If you don't, you're going to breathe in your lover's mouth. And that's kinda nasty. If you want to slip the tongue in, then do it slowly. And hold back on the drool. Now that is nasty. When you have your tongue in, tickle the roof of your lover's mouth. They love that. Explore their mouth slowly. That's all you need to know. They will think you're an expert at kissing. -Darian (Hot Kisser) Turnbull


* While french kissing, stop the tongue movement to lightly suck on their top or bottom lip, and very gently bite. It will send chills up their spine. Just be gentle and take it slow. -Josh

* When kissing someone, and you want that person to remember the kiss, then kiss them lightly. Then take their top lip between your lips and lightly suck on it a second or two. Believe me, they will not forget that one. -Evita

* After you slip your partner the tongue, suck their tongue into your mouth and treat it like you would a lolypop ... sucking on it, licking the tip of their tongue. -Hot Lips Hoolihan


* As you're "french kissing," when you're pulling your tongue out, for a second, lick the top of her/his mouth with your tongue gently. - Oreo

* It feels really good when the person that you are kissing runs their tongue over the roof of your mouth and between our lips and teeth. Also, have them lick just your tongue when it is out of your mouth. It's fun. Try it! - Ford

* Lick just the lips at first, then lick your partner's tongue. When telling an erotic story, give short, small licks and kisses to the mouth. -KBear

* While kissing, take your tongue out of your partner's mouth and slowly lick his/her lips. Biting the lower lip is one of sexiest things to do as well. Also use your tongue to tease instead of twirling it. Don't give them everything at once. Kiss them with your tongue, then take it out again. Make them want you. -Scandalouz

* When you're frenching, tickle the bottom of your partner's tongue with yours. It works great. -Unknown

* Gently lick their outside lips. It's romantic when you do it nice, slow, and erotically. -Aim


* Start by gentley nibbling and lightly (harder if you want to give a luv bite) sucking your parteners neck. Do this while GENTLY moving your finger nails up and down his chest. Tthe slower the more pleasureable. - Go-for-it

* Ok, when you're with your partner, gently nibble on their neck, then slowly move up to the lips. Start kissing gently, then gently bite on their bottom lip, and slowly move the lip with your teeth to the left or right. When my partner did this, I thought I would die with delight. - Artimis

* Keep them guessing by alternating the use of lips, teeth, and tongue. Have your lover close their eyes, so they have to feel what happens next. Nothing is as erotic as softly nibbling on your lover's lips, jaw and neck area. My lover also loves when I gently suck on his chin (I guess the shiver is in anticipation of sucking other body parts). If this person is truly special, take the time and ambition to let them know by your kiss. -Mistress

* With your partner's head in your lap, lying out in front of you, lean over and begin kissing them. Kissing someone upside down like this is very erotic. You both bet to enjoy nibbling on each other's lower lip. Very nice! -Taurus Daisy


* Kiss slow....make it meaningful...take your time, make it last. Use your tongue in different ways...swirl it, poke it in and out of their mouth...enjoy it....if you're enjoying it, chances are, so are they. - Kikii

* Taste and savor your partner's mouth thoroughly. Taste the lips, the tongue, like it's your favorite flavor. Always slowly ... never hurry. -Jayde

* Relaxing is the most important part. Kiss the person on the lips, then back away. Now kiss them with some tongue. Be slow, but not stiff. -Vik

* Start with soft kisses, just using the lips lightly, almost featherlight, then a flicker of the tongue. Then slow slide tongue into the other's mouth. -Kory

* If you're out there wondering what will make your one and only remember that kiss forever, well read on. First, give a soft peck on the lips and take a trip to heaven from there. Then explore the inside of the mouth with your tongue, taking it easy. Don't rush. The part that tops it all is to wiggle your tongue around your lofer's tongue. That shows you are a unique kisser and is a sure technique to seduce anyone. -Ms. Passionate


* If you're really looking for something unusual, try kissing from different angles. My boyfriend's favourite is kissing upside down, where one of you lies down and the other leans in from behind their head, which is "up" to them. - Liza

* When you're in the middle of a makeout session and you're all into it, suddenly pull away and look deeply into his eyes, give him 2 or 3 pecks and pull away. He'll be dieing to makeout with you! - Pecananna

* While making love to your partner's mouth, occasionally stop kissing but leave your lips just barely in contact. Give you and your partner a chance to breath and gaze into each other's eyes for a few moments like this before continuing. - P-unit

* When you kiss your partner, lead into a soft peck, with slightly parted lips, then close your lips and open them 3 times against theirs. Do it slowly. It is very romantic! - vampirez_rule

* When my lover kisses me, he also rubs his nose on my nose. He kisses me very slowly, and he kisses my under lips. That really turns me on. - Ann

* My tip when it comes to kissing and anything else in a relationship: if you're wondering, talk about it; that's the easiest way. - Bart

* A surpise -- whenever he or she is lying down with their eyes closed, kiss them gently on their lips. When they open their eyes, make the kiss more serious. A guaranteed knockout! - Sum-1-Special

* Remember that the beauty of a kiss lies in the sensation of contact with your lover's lips. Without any tongue, simply let your lips gently rub back and forth against each others, occasionally pulling back so that you are almost not in contact. Focus on the texture of their lips. - Antihero

* When you kiss, do not kiss right away. First kiss on their neck and slowly move up to the mouth and kiss the lips a few times. Then slowly go to french. -Nookie Boy

--  What to Do with Your Hands

* My boyfriend gently strokes my neck while we're kissing. It drives me wild!!! Makes me wish he would never stop! - Pookie

* While kissing him, gently pass your finger down by the side of his wiast, from under his armpits to his waist. - Shorty

* I really like when I'm making out with a guy if he has his hands on my mid - lower back and I have my hands on his chest. It just makes things all the more steamy! - Ana

* While kissing, gently massage the area sort of behind the ear/under the jaw. Softly. But not too hard, because that's a pressure point. -boobookittyfcuk

* Everytime my boyfriend kisses me, he takes the tip of his fingers and runs them down my back and up my neck to my face, very slowly. It literally makes me jump. It's really cute when you keep eye contact right when you're going in for a passionate kiss. When this happens, don't kiss first, lick his bottom lip and then gently nibble it. Afterwards, take the kiss. - Sharonie

* When kissing, don't just sit there and kiss. It will get boring. Run your hands down their chest and shoulders, up their neck, and into their hair. -Lover

--  Be a Tease

* If you want to be a tease, which is really fun, although horrible to do to a partner, because it will really turn him/her on. All you do is go in for a kiss but miss it and kiss everywhere -- their neck, jaw, face. Everywhere but their lips. Then when you go for their lips, walk away. It's good to do slowly and seductively. - coco x

* My boyfriend and I will be in the middle of a make-out session on the couch or on his bed when he suddenly pulls away and looks at me in a way I can't hardly resist, so I go in for another kiss, but he teasingly pulls away again. He does this quite a bit, but I never know how many tries it'll take to get a kiss again. Alternate the number of feigns: 2, 5, 3, 4... - Mowsers

* Start kissing by teasing the lower lip of your partner. -Jeck

--  Mood/Attitude

* My girl is pregnant. So what I like to do to make her feel better about herself is I kiss her several times and whisper why I'm kissing her (i.e. "because I love you" "because you're beautiful" ... etc.). It works every time. - AshleysGuy

* Close your eyes and let the moment take you away. Don't let anything break into the mood. Unplug the phone, lock the door, and think only about passion. - Butterfly

* Kiss only the one you love. There's just no other sweeter way to kiss than kising the one you love ... believe me! -Queen Amidala

* Lightly wet or moisten the inner edges of your lips before kissing. If they see you do this, it will invite the kiss. -JR

* Not really a tip on kissing ... but to make your lips really soft. When you brush your teeth, use the toothbrush to exfoliate your lips, then use chapstick or lip gloss. It works. -Punk

--  Kissing Beyond the Lips

* Well, we were trying to find a new way of kissing, and this is what I did. I took her to her bedroom and blindfolded her on her bed. I put on her favorite songs, silently playing. And then I just kissed her all over her face, her neck, and shoulders in every way I could think of. It lasted about 25 minutes or so. I don't really know. Now we do it all the time, with some variations of course. It's so simple, just get the mood right and remember to be gentle and do everything slowly. -Iggy

* I used to love it when out of nowhere my ex would kiss my forehead or top of my nose, and then would kiss my neck and get it a little wet, then blow in it ... ahh, it was amazing. -Laura

* Kissing the neck feels amazing, but kissing your partner's ears takes it to a whole new level. Kiss them, suck them, use your tongue. Then stop and just breathe in their ear. - Cinnamon Spider

* Kiss gently along the spine (especially the lower back). This is a sure turn-on. -Crystal

* When kissing a partner, slowly kiss the lower portion of his/her nose where the line of the mouth is connected. This will drive them crazy. -Dusky

* While kissing, try rubbing the insides of the arms. Nice. -CheerChick

--  Have Fun

* When you are in an intense make-out session, when your man touches your butt or lower hip or in that area, SLOWLY push your chest out and lightly make a sound that hints you love that. I do it to my guy all the time. It makes him crazy and causes him to want more. - j<3j

* Honey is a great trick to play on your lover before he leaves for the day. Sneakily put a very small amount of honey in your mouth, then kiss him. The kiss will taste great, but the best part is he will be tasting it all the way to work! - Mia

* Have your man/woman lay on the bed, head hanging down so he/she is looking upside down. As they are like this, play with his/her hair, and then move your hands carefully to his/her chin, and give them a kiss as he/she is upside down. It is a really neat way of kissing, and very fun to do! - Babs

* My ex-boyfriend did this, and it drove me crazy. Just one of you puts a Listerine® strip in your mouth. When you kiss the other person, it's spicy and tingles. Amazing. - Abs

* Kiss your partner while drinking water or eating. Make your partner eat or drink from your mouth. It can be the most sensual meal of your life, believe me!!!! - Doll

* Try using a piece of frozen fruit, then just pass it between both your lover's and your mouth. Men, take the fruit and rub it along the outside of your girl's lips, then kiss her gently. Follow-up by running the fruit on the neck and anywhere else. Make sure to not prolong kissing her, as it may turn her off. - Miggy

* Use Poprocks candy when you want to have an exciting french kiss! They're guaranteed to add some 'sparks' to your night. -Mags

* Try passing around a piece of candy while kissing your partner. -Manda

* Find somewhere to kiss that is very unusual, like a gym or the grocery store. The greatest part is to try not to get caught. Don't go too far though. -Mickey

* Softly kiss the lips with little surges of your tongue going into his or her mouth, then stop for a second and stare into his or her eyes and do a quick little lick across the lips during the kissing session. Make sure you are holding his or her face. It makes it more sensual, more loving and caring. Take your time. You have your whole lifetime together. For older couples, why don't you and your spouse go out for a drive one night and find a secluded place somewhere and makeout like high school teenagers. You'll have a lot of fun doing so. -Grace

* Get your boyfriend or girlfriend and compare height, then stand to the side and compare something dumb like leg length, then go face to face and compare arm width by stretching your arms out to see who's got a larger arm span. While you've got your arms stretched out, slowly interlock your fingers with your lover's fingers so that you're holding hands and don't let go. Then pull him or her closer and say with a smile, "So, are you ever gonna kiss me, or what?" It's a cute way to get a kiss without seeming too impulsive. -Yaya


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