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EXCERPT: "Young Stud" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only

YOUNG STUD by Ruth D. Kerce
Copyright © 2017
Erotic Contemporary Romance

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Forty-two year old Kathryn McMurray is rebuilding her life after a divorce. She's moved on. Now living in an apartment and working two jobs, she's too busy for anything more than casual dating or friendship.

Thirty-one year old Ryce Fielding, a former soldier and now an internet entrepreneur, has other ideas. He's wanted Kate since he first saw her. After knowing her for a year and becoming good friends, he's ready for something more physical.

Despite Kate's opposition to their age difference, he proves younger men come with great sexual benefits. Ryce satisfies Kate's every erotic desire.


Talk about scorched! Wow! Grab the ice bucket, you're gonna need it... I couldn't get enough so I had to read it again - Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews


After a long and arduous day she had finally found the few minutes of privacy she craved. Her hormones were jumping and she intended to make the most of her time while she could. She needed a release. Emotionally. Physically. Sexually. To take her mind off the stress of her work week.

Her hand slid inside her leopard print panties and she spread her legs.

Thoughts of him filled her mind, making her pussy moist. Only his image made her come these days. Someone she couldn't have. Or rather shouldn't have. Maybe that was the attraction, though deep down she expected there was more to it than that. Much more.

If it were only the body of this man she desired, her feelings wouldn't be bothering her. But she craved more than his body. She longed for his smile, his company, to be surrounded by his joy of life. Damn. She was thinking like some moony-eyed teenager.

But the man was indeed a major hunk. Pure sex appeal. With a dimpled grin. Much too young for her, even though well over the legal age. She probably should forget about him, stay far away and commit to someone most would consider better suited to her. But damn it, she didn't want to. She lightly fingered her clit.

"Mmm." She slid down against the couch cushions. Her pussy throbbed. She needed his cock inside her but she'd settle for her own fingers. Certainly not better physically or sexually but better emotionally. She'd suffered through one bad relationship too many. And logically, she realized that she didn't need another complication in her life right now. But she did need an orgasm. Badly.

Her other hand slid up underneath her top and her fingers circled her nipple. "Ah." She squirmed, wishing for so much more. She pulled her hand from her breast, sucked on her fingers, wetting them, then played with her nipple again, pinching and tugging on the bud, spreading moisture over her flesh and creating more erotic images in her mind.

His gorgeous mouth filled her thoughts as she silently spoke to him. Lick me. Everywhere. Oh how she longed to say those words aloud. If only once. To feel his tongue on her, his full lips sucking her nipples, her clit. Yes! She knew it would be an incredible experience.

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YOUNG STUD by Ruth D. Kerce
Copyright © 2017
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Kindle Users: Download entire book here

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