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EXCERPT: "Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Erotic Contemporary Romance
Copyright © 2017

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Alice Sutherland is tired of being a virgin. At twenty-four, she wants to experience wild and passionate sex. And she doesn't want just any man.

She wants a real bad boy between her legs, preferably one with a heart deep down. She knows Caleb Sawyer can meet all her needs...and more.

Caleb doesn't know how to react when his sexy neighbor confesses that she wants him to de-virgin her. He's shocked. He's also intrigued.

But he's not sure Ali has any idea what sex with him entails. Caleb is used to no-holds-barred, dirty, sweaty, try anything sex.

BUZZ: (from the Ellora's Cave version)

Plenty of sexual tension alongside an escalating emotional intimacy - Sarah W, The Romance Studio

** TOP 10 - P&E Readers Poll
** Cameo Awards Nominee
** Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read
** Sensual Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee


Ali jerked awake, not sure what had roused her. The morning light streamed through the window. The weekend was over.

Disappointment rolled over her like a suffocating wave. She'd so enjoyed her time with Caleb. She never wanted it to end. He'd shown her an incredible world of sex and given her a greater sense of self.

When she made a move to get up, a sharp slap to her butt made her squeal. She glanced behind her. "Caleb, what are you doing?"

"Getting your attention. It took three swats to wake you. Up on your knees, Ali. I'm horny as hell from looking at you lying there naked and thinking about last night. You're getting an early morning fuck, baby."

Oh, my! He was positioned in back of her, ready to go. When she faced front, she saw his intense expression reflected in the mirrored headboard as he stared down at her body. His cock stood hard and already gloved in a condom. None too gently, he pulled her to her knees.

Her heart hammered against her ribs. One last fuck before he tossed her out? If so, she was determined to enjoy it.

With a hard plunge, he pushed his cock as deeply as he could get it into her pussy. "Oh, yeah. You're so incredibly tight. I've been thinking of getting inside your beautiful cunt since I woke up."

His words sent a delicious thrill right through her. Ali hung her head and moaned. This position made his penetration feel so powerful.

He pulled halfway out and pushed back in hard.

She thought she heard him growl, like the wild predator she'd always imagined him to be. She moaned his name, loving the way he took sexual charge.

He plunged into her hard once more, pushing deep. "You like that?" He ground his hips against her.

"Yes, Caleb." This was the bad boy in full form. Pure sex, without holding back.

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Erotic Contemporary Romance
Copyright © 2017

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