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EXCERPT: "Undercovers" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only

UNDERCOVERS by Ruth D. Kerce

Erotic Suspense Romance
Copyright © 2017, Second Editon
Copyright © 2008, First Edition
Available now at Changeling Press in Print and Digital Formats


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Three women's lives are endangered by a stalker, a killer, and the mob. Renee Atkin, Callie Grady, and Donna Browning are on the run for their lives. Three hunky cops, Detectives Sam Hooper, Alan Grady, and Joe Rodriguez, swear to protect them. But can they protect the women from themselves?

In close quarters, the sexual sparks fly. These dominant men demand submission in the bedroom, and have no problems showing their women the pleasures of giving up sexual control in return. Working together, with help from one feisty cat, the three couples fight for their lives -- and their loves.

Includes the previously released novellas in the Undercovers series: Lady of the Night, Stripped to Serve, Illicit Behavior, & Guilty Pleasures.


Who knew four stories could be so hot, but Undercovers is indeed hotter than any blazing inferno. The strong characters emit emotions that grab the reader and never once allow this story to be put on hold. Ruth D. Kerce pens an erotic read that captivates from the first page to the last... These four scumptious stories are indeed one mind-blowing read. - Linda L., The Romance Studio

** A Road to Romance Recommended Read
** Sensual Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee


She reached down and jerked on the control, her hand trembling. The seat popped back, leaving her in a semi-reclined position. She glanced up at Sam, waiting for him to take her. He was moving too damn slow. She needed unrestrained fucking right now, not easy and tender. "Are you just going to sit there staring at me?"

"Admiring is a better word." He smiled and pulled the skirt down her legs. He slipped a finger beneath the strap of her black, high-cut bikinis. "Sexy."

"It goes with the outfit."

"It goes with the woman." He leaned over and kissed her stomach. His tongue circled her navel and then dipped inside.

Her hips strained toward him. She felt more on fire for him than she could ever remember feeling for a man. When Sam began to tug off her underwear, too slowly for her liking, she knew she'd soon be begging him to make her come. She wondered if slow and methodical was the way he always approached sex or if he was just torturing her on purpose.

"You're wet," he whispered. "So wet...for me." He kissed the inside of her thigh. "Hmm, no."

"No?" The denial barely registered, she was so ready for action. "No, what?" He couldn't possibly want to stop.

"You didn't dye your pussy hair."

"Jeez." The man was going to drive her nuts. Renee spread her legs, bending her knees the best she could in the confined space. "Shut up and lick me already, Hooper."

He cocked an eyebrow, wrapping his large palm around one of her knees.

"Giving orders, detective?"

"Well, I do outrank you." She circled her nipples with her fingers, teasing her body and his senses hoping to make them both too hot to hold back.

A groan rumbled up from his chest. "So you do." He pulled her leg a little wider and kissed the inside of her thigh again, flicking her skin with his tongue. "I wouldn't want to get into trouble with a superior." He slid his hands up her thighs and spread the warm, moist flesh of her pussy with his thumbs. "Besides, I've always wanted to hear you scream in ecstasy. I've had many a fantasy of that."

His confession surprised her, but pleased her, too. "What makes you think you can make me scream?" She had to ask, for the idea intrigued her. She never screamed during sex. She was a moaner at best. She didn't like to pretend a guy was better than he actually was by letting loose with fake screeches like so many of her female friends often bragged of doing. It just led to problems later.

Sam waggled his eyebrows at her and lowered his mouth to her pussy. His tongue licked gently -- and she grew more wet and achy. He lapped harder at her juices, then prodded her opening, causing sensation after sensation. Renee gripped the seat cushion, digging her nails into the fabric. He made a particularly delightful swirl around her clit with his tongue and she nearly came unglued.

When he sucked the bud into his mouth and drew on the sensitive piece of flesh, her back arched and a voice she didn't recognize as her own filled the car. Her body exploded, and pure pleasure consumed her as she cried out his name in a high-pitched scream.

She didn't know how long it lasted. It seemed like forever, but not nearly long enough at the same time. She finally regained some sort of control and opened her eyes. Breathing heavily, she looked over at him in awe. "Wow."

Sam smiled down at her. "Too bad you can't see how beautiful you are when you come." He wiped his mouth. "That's just a sneak peek, Renee. Wait until I'm inside you. It's going to be phenomenal. I know it." He stripped off his shirt. As he reached for his zipper, he glanced in the rearview mirror. "Shit!"

Renee instinctively covered her breasts. "What?" She tried to re-clasp her bra, but couldn't get it closed.

"Forget that." Sam quickly helped her into his shirt and pushed her seat back upright. A tap on the roof of the car startled them both. Sam rolled down the window and a dark head appeared.

"Hey, Sam!" The man glanced across the seat. "Detective Atkin."

"What do you want, Grady?" Sam again looked in the rearview mirror. "You still have the van out?"

"We're taking it in now. The guys and I just wanted to hand you a little advice." He looked at Renee. "Actually, it's more for you, ma'am."

"What is it, Grady?" Her irritation grew, not to mention her embarrassment. With her sitting there in Sam's shirt, it was obvious they hadn't just been shooting the breeze. By afternoon, the entire department would know about them.

Grady smiled widely. "Next time you decide to engage in a little after-work *fun*, following an assignment, you might want to turn the mic off. Not that we minded, of course. We're all chomping at the bit to get home to the wives now." He laughed. "But just for future reference."

"What are you talking about?" she snapped. "I turned the sound off right after I got into the car."

"Nope. You switched it to super-sensitive transmit." His smile widened. "You wouldn't believe the things you can hear on that frequency."

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UNDERCOVERS by Ruth D. Kerce

Erotic Suspense Romance
Copyright © 2017, Second Edition
Copyright © 2008, First Edition
Available now at Changeling Press in Print and Digital Formats


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