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EXCERPT: "The Corset & The Cowboy" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Erotic Contemporary Romance
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Rip off this corset and ride me hard, cowboy.

While dressing for an Old West promotion at a local costume store, Lily learns her best friend's brother wants more from her than just to act as her escort. She's had her eye on him for years. Now she sees her chance to finally lasso the major hunk.

Jason doesn't much care for the cowboy outfit he's been put in for the theme party. But after he sees Lily in her saloon girl costume, he's all for it -- and for ripping the corset off her to see the sexy body hidden underneath.

One cowboy, one saloon girl, one wild and sensual ride. Yee-haw!


** P&E Readers Poll Top 10 Finisher for Best Romance Short Story


      "That costume is smoking hot! I swear you're gonna make more than one cock hard when the guests see you in that."

       "Julie!" Lily stared at her friend in disbelief.


       "You say the most outrageous things." Julie always had been outspoken. She preferred a more tactful and reserved approach to situations herself. Though there was nothing reserved about her outfit of the moment.

       "It's simply the truth. Nothing wrong with saying so. Your costume is absolutely perfect."

       Lily tugged at the top of the black, tight-fitting corset, as she examined herself in the full-length mirror. "Why do I have to wear this contraption?"

       "Don't you think it's sexy?"

       "Sexy is not my concern." Thank goodness it was after hours, and they had the costume store to themselves. She wouldn't have wanted to traipse about in front of customers in this thing.

       The image reflected back to her made the phrase Hookers to Go pop into her head, along with some clanky porn music from a stag film she'd once been subjected to at a college keg party. She pulled her black hair forward, but the medium-length strands weren't long enough to cover her exposed skin.

       "Nope. Forget it. I'm not wearing this."

       "You have to be authentic," Julie stated in her no-nonsense, business voice. She studied the outfit like a history class assignment.

       "Why? Is someone going to peek under my clothes? Besides, didn't women in the Old West wear corsets over another undergarment, not against bare skin? Didn't they wear drawers too, not this satin thong and garter thingy you've got me in? And I'm pretty certain they didn't wear fishnet stockings."

       Julie waved off her concerns. "Don't bother me with details. You're a saloon girl. You're supposed to be daring and break the rules."

       "First you say I have to be authentic, then you say don't fret over the details. I have the uncomfortable feeling that you're up to something." The gleam in Julie's eyes confirmed that things weren't as they seemed, and a frisson of alarm raced down Lily's spine.

       "I'm not up to anything except trying to make the party a success."

       The day Julie didn't have some secret plan in the works would be the day Lily started believing in fairy tales and flying monkeys. "Sometimes you make me more nervous than a pig at a barbeque. I never should have let you talk me into helping you and your family with this costume promotion."

       She had already seen the red and black dress her friend had picked out for her, and the bodice wasn't much higher than the corset. She turned from side to side in the dressing room, trying to see how much of her backside was exposed by the thong Julie had given her to wear. Thankfully, the dress would completely cover that part of her anatomy.

       "Quit complaining. You look great. Besides, you're not kidding anyone, Lily. You would have felt totally left out if we hadn't asked you to help. You're practically part of the family, we've known each other so long. It wouldn't feel right doing this without you."

       Lily yelped when one of the garters snapped open against her thigh. "I hate this thing! This ridiculous garter belt is not authentic. It's -- it's medieval. And this corset is way too small. I can hardly breathe. If I bend over, I'll fall out of it." She frowned at her cleavage, which had never seemed too large before, but now threatened to spill out of the corset every time she moved.

       "It'll all be worth it. It's going to be a great party, and it's the perfect way to advertise our costume store, especially so close to Halloween. If it's successful, we'll do a lot of these themed promotions. Everyone loves the Old West. It's going to be such fun. And you'll make a great saloon girl."

       She made eye contact with Julie in the mirror. "Is that a compliment or an insult?"

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Erotic Contemporary Romance
Copyright © 2011, Available now at:
Amazon in Digital Format

Kindle Users: Download entire book here

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