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EXCERPT: "Stripped" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only

STRIPPED by Ruth D. Kerce

BDSM Romance
Copyright © 2017
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Needing to pay off her mounting bills, Hannah McBride agrees to strip at a bachelor party--only because she knows there's no touching allowed.

While there, she's surprised to find a man she lusted after years ago. Then, the time wasn't right. Now she's older and free to explore her fantasies.

When Bradley Miller sees Hannah enter the room, his body goes on sexual alert. Not only hadn't he expected to see her, but never as a stripper.

After years of fantasizing about her at his sexual mercy, he finally sees the opportunity to make those dreams of bondage and submission come true.


As a reader I was totally drawn in...unaware that I was holding my breath until it was released in an audible whoosh - Rosalynne Writer, The Romance Studio

** CAPA Nominee for excellence in erotic fiction


He doubted she could see much in the dark. He had a better view since the window loomed behind him. Any light spilled right onto the bed and onto her luscious body. A body he intended to wear out tonight. He also intended to make certain she enjoyed herself, that she came hard and came often. A need burned inside him to satisfy her more than any other man ever had.

"Come down here. In front of me. On your knees. No words, Hannah. Just follow my instructions. For now."

She scrambled off the mattress and kneeled before him, her bound hands resting in front of her. Oh, yeah. He barely restrained a smile of satisfaction. So eager to please. He'd be certain to please her well in return.

With one hand he held the back of her head. With the other he held his shaft, brushing the tip against her lips. "Suck my cock."

Obediently, she opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock inside. She sucked lightly and steadily. After a moment, she pulled back and lubricated his entire shaft with her tongue, then sucked him back in again.

A groan rumbled up from his throat. Perfection. With small thrusts of his hips, he eagerly fucked her mouth.

She tilted her head back slightly and his cock slid deep along her tongue. Oh, yeah. He went a little deeper with each thrust, until she'd taken almost all of him.

"Damn, Hannah." He hadn't expected her to take even half of his cock into her mouth and certainly hadn't expected her to take him down her throat. When she made a swallowing motion, her throat muscles massaged his shaft. "Oh, fuck!" He gritted his teeth.

Already highly stimulated, it wasn't going to take much to push him over the edge. "I want you to swallow my cum," he ground out. "Get ready for it." In the next instant, he spewed down her throat. "Ahh! Yeah!"

After giving her a long stream, he pulled his cock most of the way out and some of his remaining cum trickled out the side of her mouth. He pushed back in, filling her mouth once more, but not going down her throat, so she was able to suck him. Damn, she could suck!

Her tongue tickled the underside of his cock and even more cum shot out into her mouth. "Yeah. Get it all." Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Coming in her mouth had been a fantasy he'd jacked off to more times than he could count.

"Hannah..." he groaned. Never had he climaxed so long and hard. She milked every ounce out of him.

When he finally released her, she pulled back, letting his cock slip from her mouth. He braced his hand on the back of the nearby chair, his legs feeling wobbly. After taking and releasing a large breath, he said, "Get on the bed, on your stomach."

With a slight smile on her face, obviously knowing she'd pleased him well, she did as instructed.

After she stretched out on the mattress, he eased down beside her. "You make me absolutely crazy, Hannah." He kissed her back and stroked her hair. "I'm going to fuck you like a man possessed, for I am possessed with a need so deep...just for you."

Tonight was a night he'd never forget. Because of his sexual tastes, he'd never found a woman who had filled all his needs. Until now...

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STRIPPED by Ruth D. Kerce

BDSM Romance
Copyright © 2017
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