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EXCERPT: "Adam 483: Man or Machine?" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only

ADAM 483:
MAN OR MACHINE? by Ruth D. Kerce

Science Fiction Romance
Second Edition © 2018, Ruth D. Kerce
First Edition © 2005, Ellora's Cave

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Adam 483, after meeting his new commander, is determined to serve not only as her personal security bot, but as her eroti-bot. He needs her on his side as badly as he needs between her legs. He's harboring a secret, and he'll be killed if anyone discovers it.

Captain Tyree Samou doesn't want a robot on board. He intimidates her, draws her, and makes her crave him. She's never been so affected by a man, let alone a machine.

Adam takes Tyree through a sexual journey like nothing she's ever known, showing the commander the pleasures of submission and the power of trust.


Pulls you in from page one... Pick up this book ASAP - Angel Brewer, TRS

** 2005 P&E Readers Poll - Top Ten Finisher (EC Version)


He brushed some stray tendrils of hair from her face. "So, will you allow me to guide you in this tentative relationship we've started here?"

Tentative. At least he realized she still harbored some doubts. Not about him personally, but about how she intended to deal with him and their situation, and maintain her responsibilities at the same time. "Is 'guide' a polite way of asking if I'll let you sexually dominate me?" After all the intimacies they'd shared, she understood him better than he knew. The thought of giving in to her submissive fantasies with him soaked her vagina, and a tremble ran through her body.

"Ah." He smiled. "You have me figured out."

"I'll take that to mean yes."

He turned serious. His eyes hardened, reflecting need and desire. "How about my question, Tyree? What's your answer to that?"

"I've never allowed a man the kind of control you're asking for."

"I want your answer."

"My answer is...yes," she breathed out in a mere whisper. She wanted to submit.

A smile tugged at one corner of Adam's lips. His head lowered, and he covered her mouth in a demanding kiss. When she opened her lips, his tongue slipped inside to duel with hers. At the same time, he held her like she was the most precious possession in the universe.

She leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his bare chest, giving him everything he wanted.

His hand tangled in her hair, and he gently tugged her head back, breaking the kiss and exposing her throat. He nibbled at her pulse point, then his tongue swiped back and forth over the tender spot.

"I love that." Each stroke of his tongue increased her pleasure, until she thought she'd melt to the floor.

Adam released her and backed up to the desk chair. He snapped open his pants and sat down. "Take off that shirt."

Her gaze traveled over his bare chest and followed the thin line of dark hair down his stomach and into his slightly gaping trousers. "Whatever you want, Adam." Slowly, she grasped the hem of the shirt and pulled up the cotton. She peeled it off of her body and dropped the garment to the floor.

Adam sat staring at her. He didn't say anything. He just looked at her naked body.

She began to feel self-conscious and wondered about his thoughts. Did he find her lacking in some way? She rarely questioned what someone thought of her. But with Adam, his opinion mattered. How he'd gotten under her skin so quickly, she didn't know. Somehow, already, they'd connected emotionally as well as physically. She wanted this relationship to work between them. With her job and schedule, long term commitments in her life had never been successful. This time she wanted a different outcome.

Adam's hands rested on his lap. His fingers slowly clenched and unclenched. His eyes darkened with desire. "Caress your tits."

She exhaled a breath of air she wasn't even aware of holding. He didn't find her lacking. The realization made her feel desirable and feminine. Her hands covered her breasts, and she began massaging them. The sight of Adam watching her, enjoying what he saw, caused her pulse to race.

"Pinch your nipples."

Tyree smiled and slowly licked her fingers. She slid her hands back over her breasts and tweaked her sensitive buds, trying not to let her pleasure show on her face too much. Even though she loved the idea of submitting to him, she needed to take this a step at a time, so he didn't assume complete control. She needed to make certain he understood that her submission was only during sex. Otherwise, she was very much in command of her own life and didn't intend for that to change. She'd welcome less stress and responsibility, if the opportunity arose, but she made all decisions concerning which path her life took.

When he abruptly stood, she backed up a step. Something in his eyes looked so primitive that the move was automatic.

"Get on the bed," he ordered. "Face down. You're taking my dick up your ass."

She gasped.

"Do it, Tyree. Now."

She scrambled onto the bed and flopped onto her stomach, then cringed at how eager her immediate compliance must have looked. So much for "a step at a time". She glanced over her shoulder at him. "Adam?"


"Only in the bedroom will I follow your orders."

"Mmm hmm."

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ADAM 483:
MAN OR MACHINE? by Ruth D. Kerce

Science Fiction Romance
Second Edition © 2018, Ruth D. Kerce
First Edition © 2005, Ellora's Cave

Kindle Users: Download entire book here

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