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EXCERPT: "Infernal Night 1: Lord Viper" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Vampire Romance
Copyright © 2019

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Lord Viper de L'Night believes his sister was kidnapped by Lady Dominique Toussaint's vampires. He infiltrates her nest and captures the lady in return.

She denies the kidnapping and Viper turns her into his sex slave. He performs the Ero-X on her, a bonding for breeders, which cannot be reversed. Dominique fights him, but she's drawn to Viper. If they can learn to trust one another, they may have a future.

When they find who has Viper's sister-- a wolf cousin--they join forces, physically and emotionally, to get her back. And a new army is formed.

BUZZ: (for the Ellora's Cave 2008 version)

This story will keep you captivated until the end - Margo Arthur, TRS

** CAPA Nominee for excellence in erotic fiction
** A Night Owl Romance Reviewer TOP PICK
** N.O.R. Nominee-Best Paranormal Erotic Romance


"Finally we are alone." He tapped the whip against the palm of his hand. "We should use our time well."

"Yes but perhaps you should not use that," she whispered. No one had ever whipped her, whether for pain or pleasure. Though she had wielded a whip plenty of times herself.

"Perhaps I should. You might be surprised by my skills."


"Quiet." Without further warning, he smacked her ass.

She tensed. A bit of a sting, not as sharp as she had expected. More of a love tap. If that was the extent of his intent with the whip, she could handle it. She relaxed her clenched muscles.

He slapped the opposite cheek. A little harder this time.

She wiggled a bit at the feel of the whip's strands against her flesh but still felt no real pain. Her curiosity rose a notch, for sexually she did feel more stimulated.

"Give in to the pleasure, Dominique." He lowered his voice. "I will not harm you. You have my word."

His softly spoken promise touched her. Perhaps she should give the experience a chance. Her fingers curled into the blankets. She buried her face in the bedding, relaxing her body and trusting Viper more than she had ever trusted any man. She hoped he did not betray that trust. If so, she would see him burned into ash. Right along with her heart.

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Vampire Romance
Copyright © 2019

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