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EXCERPT: "Hot on Her Tail" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only

HOT ON HER TAIL by Ruth D. Kerce

Erotic Suspense
Copyright © 2017

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Captain Aaron "Ace" Trainer is assigned to protect a witness who will be testifying against a drug trafficking ring. The problem? It's a woman he’s known since high school. A woman he had a one-night stand with years earlier.

Rachel finds herself in big trouble. She's gotten involved with an organization that wants her dead. She's shocked to learn that Ace will be her bodyguard. The same man who treated her so badly after their night of hot sex so many years ago. Now her life is in his hands. He's still as sexy as ever, but he's also arrogant and irritating.

Running for their lives, Ace and Rachel put aside the past and rekindle the fire that never went out. This time it's more than hot sex—their passion turns emotional. Only their newfound love and trust of each other will be enough to save them.

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He knelt over her and she could hear his heavy breathing. She wished she could see him too. She wanted to memorize every inch of him, compare him now to her memories of him all those years ago. He'd seemed like almost a boy then. Now he was all man.

She heard him pop a snap, then slowly lower the zipper on his pants.

Anticipation almost drove her crazy. She reached out blindly searching for the flashlight. She knew it was nearby. When she felt the round cylinder, she grabbed it and flipped it on.

"Hey, don't waste the batteries."

"I'm not turning it off until I see your cock."

He smiled that sexy smile of his. And then his cock was free. Large. Long and thick. He curled his fingers around his shaft and she watched as he moved his hand up and down the length.

He didn't make any moves to take off his boots or pants. He just worked his hand over his rigid shaft. The whole scene felt so primitive, with him half dressed and her lying there naked in the dirt. She loved it.

"Are you going to fuck me?" she finally croaked out, unable to take it any longer.

"Oh yeah, baby. Thoroughly. But first, you’re going to click off that light and suck my cock."

Not a request. An order. Still, she didn’t bristle at the command. Instead, her whole body trembled. She doused the light and set it beside them on the ground.

He pulled her into a sitting position and cupped the back of her head. "Take it."

Ace pressed his cock against her lips until she opened to accommodate him. His musky scent filled her senses as he slid his cock head inside her mouth.

He made a sound somewhere between a growl and a groan. Both of his hands were now on her head, his fingers tangled in her hair. "Suck it hard."

She hollowed her cheeks as she sucked on the head of his thick cock. With his encouragement, she gradually took more and more of his length.

"Ah yeah, Rachel. I’m going to fill your mouth with so much that you won’t be able to take it all."

Yes. Give it to me. She reached up and gently played with his balls.

“Fuck!” He jerked, sliding his cock deeper. “You really want it, don’t you?”

Before she could react, he pushed her away. “What’s wrong? I was ready.”

“Nothing. Lie down. I’m going to fuck you. I changed my mind. I need to be inside you when I come.”

His bluntness made her hotter. She heard him fumbling for something, then heard a tear. “What are you doing?”

“Getting a condom.”

She hadn’t even thought of protection. What was wrong with her? Geez. Did men carry that stuff with them no matter where they went?

He pushed her thighs apart with his knees. Leaning over her, he took her lips with his once more. He must have removed his glasses, because she didn’t feel them on his face.

The weight of his body on hers made her feel completely captured by this soldier’s lust. He’d matured a lot and she greatly respected the enticing and exciting man he’d become.

He thrust his tongue into her mouth and his cock into her pussy at the same time.

Oh! Yes.

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HOT ON HER TAIL by Ruth D. Kerce

Erotic Suspense
Copyright © 2017

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