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EXCERPT: "Holiday Howlz: Her Feral Pack" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Erotic Shapeshifter Romance
Copyright © 2009, Available now at:
Changeling Press in Digital Format



Ever since Janie Merlot mated with two shapeshifting wolves, she hasn't been the same. Now she's back to prove that Dall and Cavan are indeed real.

After trudging into the woods -- instead of finding the arctic wolves -- she finds a man. Sawyer. Mysterious and sexy, she becomes trapped with him during a snowstorm. But who is he?

After waking from a deep sleep, the two arctic wolves she'd sought greet her, along with one large, black wolf. Sawyer's a shifter too! And their Alpha Leader.

Together, the three men take Janie through a decadent and erotic journey she'll never forget.


This enticing treat is a beautifully written example of a confident and strong woman seeking the truth and fulfilling her wildest sexual desires in a menage-au-quatre - Hockeyvamp, Bitten by Books

The reader is drawn in immediately and the power of the four people in this novella holds you until way past the last page - Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream

I'm fervently hoping for even more stories involving these characters... I can't wait to find out what will happen next - Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews


Dall nuzzled her neck. A thrill raced down her body at the familiar feel of his skin against hers. Cavan lapped at her ear, sending delightful shivers all along her nerve endings. Her nipples felt tight, and her pussy throbbed in need.

Sawyer stood at the end of the bed, watching them all with dark eyes. “How many cocks can you handle, Janie?”

The low rumble in his voice caused all sorts of sensations to explode inside her. Not all of her feelings were physical either, which surprised her. She couldn’t answer, couldn’t speak. All she could do was take in every detail.

Dall and Cavan appeared as fit as she remembered. Sawyer, though, made her mouth water. His body was perfect, as if chiseled from stone. He was more of a mystery to her than the other two. More arrogant, more commanding, and so darkly sexual.

Dall slid down and took her nipple into his mouth. The sheer pleasure of the feeling sent her into an immediate orgasm. Better than even in her fantasies. She’d waited so long to feel this excitement again. “Oh!” These three men wanted to fuck her, wanted to make her come. The thought alone made her pant in need.

The fluttering in her body eased, and her gaze locked once more on Sawyer who smiled slightly, as if he’d scored some sort of personal victory. When his hand lowered and his fingers curled around his shaft, her gaze followed. His cock looked massive, rock-hard, and almost purple in its darkness. Magnificent. She knew before the night was up he’d be fucking her with that huge, thick cock, and she could hardly wait.

Dall released her nipple and shifted, but she couldn’t tell what he was doing, because Cavan’s lips covered hers in a heated kiss, blocking her view. Her fingers tangled in his long hair as his tongue slipped into her mouth. He tasted wild and sweet at the same time.

Two strong hands spread her legs wide. Her heart pounded, and she mewled into Cavan’s mouth. He allowed her a breath of air, then kissed her again, his tongue teasing and tasting her.

The sound of a low growl sent a tingle through her body. Cavan broke the kiss. He gently stroked her cheek with his fingers, then moved aside. She glanced up and saw Sawyer between her legs, looking like a warrior prepared to conquer. Her heart began to beat erratically.

Dall took one of her wrists, Cavan the other. They raised her arms and tied her wrists to the wooden headboard. A stab of concern hit her, until her gaze met Dall’s. With one look, he somehow communicated to her that she was safe. She trusted him and Cavan. She wasn’t completely sure about Sawyer, but the added element of the unknown excited her. Holding a tight, expectant breath, she waited for him to touch her.

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Erotic Shapeshifter Romance
Copyright © 2009, Available now at:
Changeling Press in Digital Format


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