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EXCERPT: "Diamond Assets" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Erotic Contemporary Romance
Copyright © 2018

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Hunter Dunlap, co-owner of Everlasting Love, wants nothing to do with romance since his wife left him--for his assitant. His new assistant, Ronni Strickland, with her efficiency and strict appearance, is perfect and not his type.

On Valentine's Day, while they are checking out a resort for the company, Hunter discovers they're booked into a section called Bondage Bay. Now he's looking at Ronni with a need to discover what she's hiding under that all-business exterior of hers.

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Ms. Kerce has written a very romantic and carnal story that is all about the uncontrolled longings one has in life, and how it takes a special someone to satisfy those longings. - Sarah W, The Romance Studio


Hunter dumped some items at the foot of the bed. Because of her position, she couldn't see what he'd brought over. He situated a pillow under her head, and she automatically rested her cheek on it to relieve the muscles in her neck.

He grabbed another pillow and shoved it under her hips. "I'm going to wring every ounce of cum out of you, Ronni."

Her heart leapt in her chest. She felt something soft wrap around one of her ankles and realized that he was going to tie her feet to the wrought iron bed. Her heart rate shot up even more. "Hunter?"

He spread her leg wide and secured her to one of the foot posts, then did likewise with her other ankle. His hand glided up her thigh to rest on her butt.

For a few moments, heavy silence filled the room as he simply stood there. "You okay?" he finally asked.

She relaxed a little at his softly spoken inquiry. "I...guess."

Something fell across her face. He was blindfolding her. "No, I--"

"I want you to feel, Ronni. And not be influenced or distracted by what you might see."

Her other senses immediately sharpened, and her skin tingled. She felt him move away, then one palm covered her ankle, holding it against the mattress. Her breathing increased as she waited.

The tip of his tongue brushed her sole.


He licked the bottom of her foot, causing her to squeal and squirm. His tongue slid between her toes, then back along her foot again. She cried out, half sobbing and half laughing from the intense feeling.

When he finally stopped, she breathed a sigh of relief. She'd never been very ticklish, but something about being blind, bound, and helpless made her extra sensitive.

"Just some delightful torture to see how responsive you are to my tongue." Hunter's hand moved up her thigh, over her butt, up her back. "You're all mine, Ronni. That means I'm going to take you body to the edge, and I expect you to hold nothing back from me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Hunter." She sensed him picking up an item from the bed. Or maybe she heard the movement. She wasn't certain which. Something with multiple, semi-soft strands slapped lightly against her upper back. Some sort of whip? She trembled.

The strands tickled her skin as Hunter dragged the object down her body. He struck her thighs, a little harder than her back, leaving a slight sting. She tried to shift, but couldn't move much.

"Stay still, Ronni. I don't want to accidentally hurt you."

He brought down the whip, low on her ass. Several strands curled between her legs and flicked her vagina.

"Oh!" No one had ever spanked or whipped her, so this was a new experience, and she wasn't quite sure what to think of it.

The strands slapped her ass again, the middle of both cheeks, very light. Except this time, Hunter didn't stop. He continued to make contact, varying his strokes from light to the occasional sharp slap, bringing a gasp from her whenever he struck her with more force. Her ass began to feel warm and too sensitive. She couldn't take much more.

"Is that enough?" he asked.


"Say please." He slapped the strands against her ass again.

She jerked, not having expected another strike. "Please, Hunter."

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Erotic Contemporary Romance
Copyright © 2018

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