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EXCERPT: "Infernal Night 2: Craving Lady Starr" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Vampire Romance
Copyright © 2019

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Vampires have always ruled the night. And the underworld. So Lord Aleron Toussaint is used to getting what he wants. He wants Lady Starr-- wants to wrap her in the heat of his passion, taste her on his lips, lie between her thighs. Aleron feels Starr's desire. He smells it. She will not refuse him.

Starr is overwhelmed by Aleron's allure and wants to give in to the heady, sexual attraction that sparks between them though Aleron is not to be trusted. Of the Blood alliances are important in eighteenth-century France and he has proven to be dangerous in more ways than one. But, when they are captured and trapped together, their passion ignites and they revel in the heat of their union.

They will survive and rule again. This time as mates.


He led her into an alley between some buildings, heading toward the north edge of the L'Night territory. If he could lure her away from the presence of any L'Night soldiers, a seduction would be much easier. "Your eyes are more beautiful than the brightest of stars, my lady. I would die a happy man gazing into their depths."

She looked up at him and a slight tremble seemed to shake her. "You speak very eloquently. And kindly."

Her body's response intrigued him. As did the light in those eyes that he felt so drawn to. He saw the knowledge of his intent reflected there. The intelligence in her gorgeous, dark-green gaze impressed him more than he could say. He respected her for that intelligence. Admired her. He smiled, savoring how much this particular fem-vamp's willing submission to him would feed his powerful needs.

Again she looked away, as if trying to hide her feelings. Too late, my lady. As they ventured farther into the night together, he could feel her growing desire with each passing step.

"Who is Viper's second in command these days?" he asked her in an easy tone.

She chuckled and shook her head.

"What has amused you?"

"You speak of my beautiful eyes then want to discuss war issues. Are you after de L'Night battle secrets perhaps?"

"I think you know better." He squeezed her fingers.

"Then why waste time on such chatter?"

"Because I did not feel it seemly to pounce."

Once more, her light chuckle filled the night air. "You are incorrigible."

"So I have been told." He slowed and backed her up against one of the buildings. "Since you have ascertained my purpose, I think we should not waste any more of the night, which has given us a perfect opportunity to sate our needs."

Her fingernails grazed his exposed chest. "Are you that sure of yourself and of my compliance?" she queried with a slight smile.

He barely contained the groan that her touch elicited. His superior vision allowed him to see the desire in her gaze, even in the darkness. A desire that equally matched his own. "Your needs are as strong as mine," he replied, voicing his thoughts. He leaned into her and traced the rim of her ear with his tongue. "Do not pretend to put me off, Starr, when we both know what we want," he whispered.

"What we want..." she repeated in a barely audible voice.

"Yes. Do you wish to blatantly hear the words?" He pulled back and looked her in the eyes. "If so, I will tell you exactly what I desire."

"You should not say such things aloud." She leaned a bit nearer, and though her voice remained low, a tone of excitement surrounded her words. "It would not be proper."

He saw the expectation in her eyes. What she said and what she wanted was completely at odds. "You do not want me to be proper, which is good, since I am far from it."

"You make many assumptions."

"Yes. I know. But I want you. Now. As much as you want me." When she cocked an eyebrow, he continued undeterred. "I excite you. Admit it. Tell me all your desires, Starr, and I will make each one of them come true."

The feel of his tongue had made her limbs weak and now the low, sensual tone of his words made her ache all over. But admitting her desires would give him far too much power. "Here is not the place. Eyes and ears hide in the night."

"Here, my lady. We are alone." He reached for the skirt of her dress and began pulling it up.

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Vampire Romance
Copyright © 2019

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