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EXCERPT: "Candy Valentine" by Ruth D. Kerce -- adults only


Erotic Contemporary Romance
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Sweet Sensations can be FIRE HOT.

Out-of-work Candy Valentine is seeking a position in an erotic candy shop, owned by her former flame, Trevor Brannigan. When Trevor's hesitant to hire her for the holiday, Candy shows him some oral skills not included on her job application.

What neither of them expects is for her actions to rekindle old feelings from the past which has them both thinking about a new relationship for the future.


       She couldn't believe she was here. The sweet smells of chocolate and sugar-coated candies assaulted her senses. She hated most candy with a passion. Hated Valentine's Day even more. But she needed a job, and Sweet Sensations was hiring for the holiday. At least it was an upscale shop, not one of those grab it and bag it places.

       She noticed a sign that said Manager's Special and stepped closer. A glass shelf on the wall contained boxed, edible panties in several flavors and candied hearts in crystal bowls with suggestive phrases like Eat Me, Lick This and Fire Hot. She rolled her eyes. Definitely not a shop for children.

       Hopefully, she had a better than average chance of landing this job. She knew the manager. They'd dated in high school. Then Trevor had gone off to college, and she'd traveled across the country to live with her ailing aunt for several years. They hadn't seen each other since, and her life had taken quite a few dips in that time. Somehow she'd always thought her future would turn out better.

       The store's snotty assistant manager, Mrs. Hamilton -- she'd talked to the woman on the phone and met her briefly last week for a pre-interview -- came out of the back office and made a beeline right for her. That old biddy was in serious need of a personality transplant. The woman definitely was not the loving, grandmotherly type. If she and Trevor hadn't known each other, she highly doubted she'd have made it past the first interview.

       "The manager will see you now." With her nose stuck in the air, Mrs. Hamilton turned and headed back toward the office. Her order to follow went unspoken, but was clearly understood.

       This was it. She stood, straightened her skirt, and followed like an obedient child. Nerves gripped her, only because if she didn't get this position, she had nothing else to fall back on right now. Her life had completely fallen apart not long ago, and she was now desperately trying to put everything back together again.

       Butterflies swarmed in her stomach. What would Trevor think of her after all these years? They were only in their 30's, but still, she couldn't help feeling self-conscious about her appearance. She'd gained a little weight since high school and had acquired a few fine lines around her eyes and lips. She wondered if Trevor had grown pudgy and started balding, like so many of her former male classmates. Owning and managing a candy store probably wasn't the healthiest profession. He hadn't shown up at the last school reunion, so she had no idea what to expect.

       Mrs. Hamilton rapped on the door. "Mr. Brannigan?"

       "Come," a deep voice rumbled from within the office.

       Mrs. Hamilton opened the door and waited. "Well," she finally snapped. "Don't just stand there, girl. Go on in."

       Girl? She hadn't been called girl in ten years. She'd have been pleased, if she hadn't known it was meant as an insult. She raised her chin, took a deep breath, and walked inside.

       She abruptly came to a halt. Trevor? Oh my! She hardly recognized the man on the other side of the desk.

       In high school, he'd always seemed skinny for his 6-foot frame, his nose and lips large for his thin face. Now he'd grown into his features. She could only see him from the chest up, but his broad shoulders filled out his body perfectly. Muscular, not fat. And his nose now appeared normal. His lips were still full, but looked very kissable. Thick, black hair covered his entire head.

       Her heart pounded in her chest as old feelings began to resurface. At one time, she'd been quite smitten with him. Despite his less than stellar looks back then, behind closed doors, he'd had a raw sexuality that had kept her enthralled. But he'd also had an inflated ego. She'd often wondered what had fueled his actions back then. He'd never treated her badly, but had never loved her either. Not in her estimation anyhow. Maybe he hadn't been capable of the emotion, been too young. She'd made a lot of excuses for him during their time together.

       "Thank you, Mrs. Hamilton."

       His voice sounded gravelly, and she wondered if he still smoked. The door shut behind her and a shiver of nervousness traveled down her spine at the realization that they were alone.

       Trevor steepled his fingers in front of him. "Well, well, well." A smile tugged at his lips. "Candy Valentine."

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Erotic Contemporary Romance
Copyright © 2012, Available now at:
Amazon in Digital Format (Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)

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