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Sexy Lingerie at Wicked Temptations


by Ruth D. Kerce

Alice Sutherland spotted Caleb Sawyer crouched down, working on his motorcycle in the driveway, like he did most Saturday afternoons. Fascinated, she stood on her porch, watching him from across the street.

He’d moved into the neighborhood a little over a year ago, and he’d caught her eye immediately. Hell, more than that. She practically drooled whenever she saw him. Tall, built, confident -- a woman’s dream.

She wasn’t the only one taken by his assets either. More than one beautiful woman had spent the night with him since he’d moved in. Not that she made a habit of spying, but if she was outside watering her shrubs early in the morning, she couldn’t help noticing when a woman left his house.

He glanced up briefly, and her heart thudded. No. She hadn’t caught his attention. Just a barking dog from down the street based on the slight turn of his head. She thought for a moment that maybe he’d felt her watching him.

The truth about the man was undeniable. Caleb Sawyer exuded sex -- wild, rough, nasty sex. Enough to fulfill any woman’s darkest desires. And that assessment wasn’t just from her fantasies.

One day, she’d taken a short cut through an alley, just off their street, on her way back from a nearby park. Normally, the alley was empty, but that day she saw Caleb there with his motorcycle…and a woman.

He had her pinned over the bike, her skirt flipped up over her butt. One hand tangled in her hair while the other curled around her hip, and he kept asking her if she liked it rough.

She wasn’t sure if the woman had even responded. She’d been too turned on by the sight of Caleb and his actions to care about anything else. His leather jacket had covered his upper torso, but his jeans hung low, and his tight, firm ass had been bared to her view. So sexy!

Not wanting to completely invade his privacy, she’d turned around and gone the other way, barely able to walk, her legs trembled so badly. She hadn’t been able to get that image of Caleb out of her mind since.

That’s when she’d known for certain that she wanted him. No man had ever affected her so strongly or made her pussy throb so hard. Caleb was just the type of man she’d been searching for…for her first time.

No more waiting.

After that day, she’d tried to attract his attention whenever they met at the mailbox or during block parties. He was always nice to her, and they even shared an interest in classic films, but he didn’t seem to catch on to the sexual hints she kept sending him. She’d finally decided to be more direct.

Even though it was cool out today, he wore only a deep blue, short-sleeved T-shirt tucked into well-worn jeans. His black boots gleamed as if he’d just polished them. The way his muscles bunched and relaxed as he moved, like some predator, made her tingle all over. She’d had many a fantasy of running her fingers through his thick brown hair and over his bare chest. Oh, yes.

If she was going to do this, she needed to do it now, while the opportunity existed. “Time to turn fantasy into reality,” she murmured.

Taking a deep breath, she walked down the two concrete steps, along the path, over the sidewalk, paused, then crossed the street and continued up his drive. So far, so good. She gathered all her strength and forced her voice to work, hoping she sounded less nervous than she actually felt.

“Hi, Caleb.”

He glanced up, then returned to fiddling with the bike. “Hey, Ali. You’re home early from the library today.”

She loved the way he called her Ali. No one else did, and she thought it sounded sexy. “I’m not working this weekend.”

Continuing with his repairs, he grunted in response. She knew on weekends he didn’t go into the motorcycle shop he partially owned. So, she’d coordinated her schedule with his to have the time available to put her plan into motion. Okay, so maybe that seemed a bit desperate. But why shouldn’t she at least try? “Can I tell you something?”

He glanced up but only for a moment. “What?”

Her heart pounded against her ribs. Here we go. “I’m…I’m still a virgin.”

At twenty-four years old, she was sick of waiting for “Mr. Right” and determined to sleep with a man who could make her toes curl and all her sexual fantasies come true. Caleb was that man.

He stopped working. He didn’t look at her, but she saw his hand tighten on the wrench he held. After a moment, he continued tightening whatever he was tightening. “And?”

“And?” she repeated in confusion. That wasn’t quite the response she’d expected.

“I’m assuming after a statement like that, there’s an ‘and’ attached.”

The man was too smart for his own good. “Well, yes.” Her stomach fluttered, and she felt a little lightheaded at the thought of his large hands stroking her breasts, her pussy, the soft skin between her thighs, her ass. She could hardly wait.

“I want you to de-virgin me.”

No response. The silence around them hung heavily in the air. He simply continued working. Hmm. Okay, this didn’t bode well.

“Did you hear me?”

“I heard.” “

Well?” She felt a bead of perspiration slide between her breasts.

“Forget it, Ali.”

What? Forget it? Just like that. His quick answer and casual attitude not only surprised but irked her. Weren’t men always on automatic or something when it came to sex? He could at least have the decency to look up and appear shocked.

Because of the different women she saw over here, she’d been so certain… No. She shook her head. She refused to get upset or rattled in front of him. He wasn’t worth it. Not on an emotional level. She didn’t even know him really. His body was the only thing she wanted. Well, maybe not only his body, but that’s as much as she’d allowed herself to expect or hope for from him.

Okay, fine. He had turned her down. If the sex alone wasn’t enough of a temptation, she was prepared to offer him an additional incentive. The term desperate suddenly filtered through her brain again. Sure, she could pick another man. But she actually did feel desperate…for him. She raised her chin and made sure her voice came out sounding strong and confident. “I’ll pay you.”

The wrench fell from his hand, and he surged to his feet. “Excuse me?” He towered over her.

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by Ruth D. Kerce

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-- June Direct Answers
     from Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers appears in newspapers on six continents.

-- Direct Answers by Wayne and Tamara

From Stella:

"I met David in a community college class about a year ago. I was a homeschooler who had gotten to college early. I was 16 then, 17 now. He was 27 and going back to school.

It seemed pretty obvious we were attracted to each other, but neither of us said anything. I hadn't told him my age, but I was not trying to keep it a secret either. When he eventually asked me outright, I told him honestly I was 16.

He became more brotherly and less flirty after that, but we were great friends, so things continued pretty much as before. I respected him for backing off and staying strictly friendly, but it was still hard.

After that semester we lost touch for several months, but we've been talking more lately, texting back and forth every few days. We talk about getting together, but our schedules never seem to match up.

Unless I am getting this entirely wrong, we seem to have an unspoken agreement that we are both counting down until April, when I will be 18 and no longer jailbait. The thing is, I looked online and found that in our state 17 is the legal age of consent.

On a personal level, the age difference doesn't matter. I've always been old for my age, and David doesn't seem to mind the age difference in a friend. As far as I know, it's just the legal part that's the problem.

I do have a few small insecurities about the idea of a relationship between us. I am strong and fairly active, but still 10 pounds overweight due to my iffy hormonal health, while David is a trainer/gymnast who is in perfect shape, though this doesn't seem to matter to him.

And, of course, there is the controversial reaction we would be sure to get from others. But at the end of the day, I trust him completely, and he makes me so ridiculously happy and stress-free whenever he's around. I really think we have a shot.

I would usually be more old-fashioned and wait for him to make the first move, but because of the age difference, I'm pretty sure I will have to say something first. David is probably hesitant because I'm so much younger, and I highly doubt he's aware the age of consent is 17 here.

Under the circumstances, I am totally fine with being the first one to lay all my cards on the table, but how on earth am I supposed to bring this up? And on the slight chance I'm wrong about this being mutual, how do I make it clear I'm perfectly capable of staying friends without it being awkward?"

Wayne & Tamara's Answer:

"Stella, had you gone to school with other kids, you would have learned about relationships in baby steps. You would have found someone you liked, had a boy walk you to class, passed notes to other girls and sneaked a kiss under the bleachers.

Instead, you want to go from being a homeschooled girl under the constant control of her parents to a sexually intimate relationship with a man 11 years your senior.

More than the law is holding him back. He thinks it's wrong. He doesn't think you are on equal footing. Even if he were attracted to you he knows he can't tell his friends. Or his mom. At best, it's a naughty secret.

If others knew about this, they would assume you are naďve and he is taking advantage of you. In reality you are trying to draw him across a line which is within his head and should be within the head of any man his age.

We think he is old-fashioned in a good way. He doesn't believe in having sex with children. You need to be old-fashioned, too. Date a man you can introduce to your parents."

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