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Sexy Halloween Ideas For Your Halloween Costumes This Year
by Susan G. West

Halloween has always been a very interesting and exciting time of the year, not only for children but for adults as well. Many adults love the idea of dressing up for Halloween. Whether it is for passing out candy, attending a Halloween Ball or any other sort of spooky activity, having the excellent costume really sets the stage for a fun and fantastic time. However, adults should be able to find just the right Halloween costume, even if they are older and bigger than children are. Actually, in the past 5 years costume stores have realized an increase in the requirements for adults costuming. Halloween and its origins seem to unnerve some individuals, however, this does not diminish its popularity since in the past few years, and adults have a wish to join in the merrymaking of Halloween fun, by donning their own sexy costumes.

Sexy Halloween costumes are so well loved they are becoming the new classic in Halloween attire. A few of the most fashionable sexy Halloween costumes for adults are costumes that feature a Middle and Far Eastern flair such as a belly dancer. These sexy Halloween for adults are quite charming as well as alluringly mischievous. Unbelievably, a wonderful choice of a Celtic fairy or gypsy costumes has the ability of offering just the right amount of mischief and a sexy flair to the quality to the female sense of fantastic fun while wearing a sexy adult Halloween costume.

Halloween has a lot to offer men as well when it comes to the perfect Halloween costume. As there have been many recent movies featuring the intriguing legends of piracy, this has created a rave review of men who wear sexy adult costumes, especially that of a dashing swash buckling pirate. Moreover, the classic of using a toga when portraying a sexy Greek or Roman God or Goddess is always a thrilling Halloween costume idea. However, we must remember that both men and women love to get in on the fun while attending a Halloween activity while dressed up as their favorite sexy superhero. Although, any adult should keep in mind while choosing their sexy Halloween costume that the custom is a good choice for them while it should be complimentary as well. For instance some women may prefer the fantasy of being a pirate, there are many others who will absolutely shine while dresses as a sexy fairy nymph for Halloween. Choosing the sexiest Halloween costume is about not only the type of costume, but also how well it compliments the wearer.

In some locations throughout the United States and beyond, sexy adult Halloween costumes are very hard to locate. Although there are a few areas that carry an excellent line of adult Halloween costumes, many do not always carry a selection large enough to fit the need, and they do not necessarily cater to the needs of special interest for an adult. For instance, a small woman may be able to get into a large costume of a child; however, there is not much interest and flair when showing up in a child size Roly Poly Ollie costume.

Halloween only comes one night of the year, and this gives many adults the opportunity to indulge their alter ego, publicly. It is an enchanting night set aside especially for play and fantasy. This is why adults chose to enjoy their night of an alter ego as they indulge with the greatest glee. Finding the best Halloween costume is part of acting out an alter ego. Whether a man wants to pretend to be Darth Vader or a sexy vampire or if a woman prefers to be a Goddess or a football player, sexy Halloween costuming offers them their opportunity to be childlike once more.

For some individuals a perfectly sexy adult Halloween costume may just be something totally different and unique. There are several interesting game costumes, such as a Twister costume as well as many other playful costumes such as gangster, flapper and scary ghoulish costumes. On the other hand, perhaps they may be attracted to such as cavemen, cavewomen, and even a condom package costumes. Many sexy adults Halloween costumes are available online. Many people are able to find their perfect costume by using the internet, which saves both time and money. Halloween is a very busy holiday so being able to order a stunning costume online is worthwhile and simple.

For those adults who are a bit shyer and have a high taste for the value of education, there is historical adult Halloween costumes, such as Marie Antoinette, George Washington Carver, Cleopatra or Abraham Lincoln come to mind. Since those born in the baby boomer, generation may have not been able to indulge in playing dress up for Halloween through their adult lifetime, historical costumes may ease the way into becoming comfortable with dressing up for the Halloween holiday. It seems that baby boomers did not often have the opportunity to pretend dress up of an alter ego very often if at all. However, today, things are more relaxed and everyone has the opportunity to let their hair down or even pin it up in the name of Halloween fun.

In these modern times both men and women are able to find the perfect sexy warrior costume to enact their fantasy of pent up aggressions to the world at large for at least one night of the year. Many work places feature dressing up for Halloween as this also gives a relief from the everyday working of a job while adding a bit of humor to the daily activities. Today adult Halloween costumes come in a wide assortment of choices from prehistoric to out of this world, no matter if you want to spice it up looking all hot and sexy or showing up as a mighty and strong outlaw, dressing up for Halloween offers this type of opportunity for everyone.

Halloween night is one of the best times for adults to dress up for the evening. Besides as adults we need a little fun and stress free time to keep us well balanced. The perfect adult Halloween costume is an aid in the process of role-playing while indulging the child inside us all to come out and play, even if for just one night.

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On Halloween, two friends become more.

by Ruth D. Kerce

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-- October Direct Answers
     from Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers appears in newspapers on six continents.

-- Direct Answers by Wayne and Tamara

From Noel:

"After 25 years of marriage, I found out my husband was cheating on me with an employee at our company. I was overwhelmed with fear, hurt beyond words and confused as to what to do next.

I sought out a counselor who offered me hope and encouragement that this could all be worked out in time. I also searched the internet trying to figure out what other women had done in my situation. But to say my world had been turned upside down would be an understatement.

During that search I came across your website and an article I believe changed the course of my life. Under a section called "Getting Past Cheating" there was a letter from someone named Marie.

She asked many questions and ended with, " you think a person who has had an affair can change enough for the betrayed to forgive and continue the marriage? Is it possible to salvage a marriage after the affair?"

You said, "Marie, a book could be written on each of your questions, but the last question sounds like the one you are really asking. What do you mean by salvage? Do you mean the cake just fell on the floor and the guests are arriving. Can we patch it up and serve it from the kitchen so no one notices what happened?

"Or do you mean, after an affair, can you have the kind of marriage you would wish for your son or daughter?"

I read the article and it resonated because it was the first one that said maybe every marriage isn't worth saving after all. And no, I remember thinking, I wouldn't want this for my son or anyone else I loved. So I put a copy of it on my computer desktop and stuck a copy in my wallet.

In between, there were all the voices telling me if I could just tough it out and try to put it behind me, then maybe, just maybe, I might have some "shadow" of a marriage. But I would take your article out and read it over and over.

I ran across an infidelity survival website, and I remember a woman who said she was "back again" because having made it through eight years of reconciliation hell, she just found out her husband was cheating again. That made me think back to what you had written and stopped me in my tracks again.

Eventually, I found a second counselor who gently but firmly helped me accept that my husband had Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP). With time, I was able to begin to understand I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship all along.

That insight came way down the road and led me to file for divorce. You can probably imagine what divorcing an abusive man with NDP was like, but I stood my ground and it worked out for me in the end. When I finally reached the point where being homeless was better than staying, I knew however it ended it would be OK.

So here I am nearly three years since this all happened and I've never been so happy. Last year, I moved into my own condo, and although it's not big and fancy like my old home, it's my home. And when on the first night in my new place I found myself sitting on my porch, sipping a cup of coffee and looking up at a sky full of stars, I finally knew what peace is.

Still, even today, I pull your article out of my wallet and read it again just to remind myself how far I've come and how grateful I am that I stumbled across it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and being willing to be honest."

Wayne & Tamara's Answer:

"Noel, we are so glad you found the peace you deserve."

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