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Sexy Lingerie at Wicked Temptations


by Ruth D. Kerce

After a long and arduous day, she had finally found the few minutes of privacy she craved. Her hormones were jumping and she intended to make the most of her time while she could. She needed a release. Emotionally. Physically. Sexually. To take her mind off the stress of her work week.

Her hand slid inside her leopard print panties and she spread her legs.

Thoughts of him filled her mind, making her pussy moist. Only his image made her come these days. Someone she couldn’t have. Or rather shouldn’t have. Maybe that was the attraction, though deep down she expected there was more to it than that. Much more.

If it were only the body of this man she desired, her feelings wouldn’t be bothering her. But she craved more than his body. She longed for his smile, his company, to be surrounded by his joy of life. Damn. She was thinking like some moony-eyed teenager.

But the man was indeed a major hunk. Pure sex appeal. With a dimpled grin. Much too young for her, even though well over the legal age. She probably should forget about him, stay far away and commit to someone most would consider better suited to her. But damn it, she didn’t want to. She lightly fingered her clit.

“Mmm.” She slid down against the couch cushions. Her pussy throbbed. She needed his cock inside her but she’d settle for her own fingers. Certainly not better sexually but better emotionally. She’d suffered through one bad relationship too many. And logically, she realized that she didn’t need another complication in her life right now. But she did need an orgasm. Badly.

Her other hand slid up underneath her top and her fingers circled her nipple. “Ah.” She squirmed, wishing for so much more. She pulled her hand from her breast, sucked on her fingers, wetting them, then played with her nipple again, pinching and tugging on the bud, spreading moisture over her flesh and creating more erotic images in her mind.

His gorgeous mouth filled her thoughts as she silently spoke to him. Lick me. Everywhere. Oh how she longed to say those words aloud. If only once. To feel his tongue on her, his full lips sucking her nipples, her clit. Yes! She knew it would be an incredible experience.

Come for me, Kate, she imagined him whispering to her in his deep, sexy tone. A thrill, powerful and erotic, raced through her.

If she were in her bedroom, she would have watched herself, her pleasure, in the full-length mirror by the bed. She liked to watch. Maybe tonight. She’d be primed and ready again by then. Every Friday night.

She couldn’t help but wonder how he looked when he came. What sounds he made. If he fucked hard, gentle or somewhere in between. She’d spent too many nights with an impersonal dildo, which was no comparison to a real man’s cock. And certainly no comparison to him.

Her finger dipped inside her pussy and she squeezed her breast. “Oh yes…fuck me good.” Her hips moved against her hand. Except the hands on her body were no longer hers. They were his. His hands. His oh-so-thick cock, if the bulge in his pants was any indication of size. She inserted a second finger, then a third into her pussy, needing to feel completely filled up.

Mewling and undulating, she felt close to climaxing. So close. A small flutter started around her fingers. She gradually drew them back, wanting the ecstasy to last.

His sexy blue eyes burned into hers. She saw him so clearly in her mind. Slowly, he pushed his cock into her pussy. She relished every inch.

Her fingers again slid deep. “Oh!” Picturing his eyes and naked flesh, the climax rushed through her body, faster than she’d expected, racing over her clit, through her pussy, up her stomach and out her throat as cries of pleasure escaped her. “Yes!” She arched her back and neck. “Ah!”

After long intense moments of erotic shock waves, she collapsed against the cushions, breathing heavily. “So good.” If just imagining him did that to her, she wondered what would happen if he actually did touch her?

But that’s all she intended to do. Wonder.

She pulled her hand from her underwear. Maybe she was crazy. Fantasy seemed like the coward’s way out. But fantasy was also much less complicated. Also, less likely to disappoint, if the reality didn’t actually measure up.

At least she was satisfied. For now.

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Love is all that matters!

by Ruth D. Kerce

younger man / older woman romance

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-- May Direct Answers
     from Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers appears in newspapers on six continents.

-- Direct Answers by Wayne and Tamara

From Parveneh:

"Hi, from the other side of the world. I have been married 19 years. For the first 10 we lived in his parents' home, which left little time for intimacy and bonding. We have two beautiful kids, a daughter and a son. I left my job to be a stay-at-home mom, especially for my son. He is autistic.

Now for the problem. I feel undervalued.

My husband feels since he is the earner and I do "nothing," he is the boss. He gives me a monthly stipend for the house which barely covers expenses. He does not give me extra money for myself, so I have no money and no job.

He is generous in buying clothes and luxury items, like taking us for a holiday. But there has been no intimacy for four years and he always belittles me. At times I think of leaving, knowing that I can earn what I need.

What stops me is the kids. He is a great father and the kids need to be with him almost every day or they will miss him. And vice versa. I believe the children need both of us, so I have put my life on hold till they are independent.

What scares me is in another 10 years I will be 54 and my life nearly over. I am confused. What could be my options?"

Wayne & Tamara's Answer:

"Parveneh, in a speech shortly after he was elected president, Bill Clinton said, "The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change." We agree. Though the familiar can make us feel secure, on a deeper level it can make us feel powerless.

Your husband would not have a family without you. You entered this marriage with expectations. You expected to be loved and cared for as a wife. That hasn't happened. You don't feel like a wife. You feel like the hired help, dependent on your husband's largesse.

To feel valued, you need to step back into the world. You need to assert your rights as a 50-50 member of this partnership.

It starts with knowing what you want. What is that? A part-time job…classes to keep current in your field…a credit card so you feel free to buy a magazine or a scarf, or take a girlfriend to lunch?

Take this as an investigative project and a chance to weigh all your options. List what you might want, then winnow that list to what is truly important. What would it take to accomplish that? That's your starting place.

Get your reasons together, and get them down cold. Know what you want, what it will take and what it will cost. The more prepared you are the better your negotiating position.

Being fully prepared will put your husband back on his heels. It will put you ahead of the curve so he can't sidestep the issue. You need to have data, estimates, job availability, prices and everything else to make your case. One obstacle that demands the most planning is the needs of your son with autism.

You say the man you married is a good father. But ask yourself, how much do his feelings about his wife affect your children? How much do your feelings about him influence them? Remember, what the two of you are showing them is a template for their own marriages.

When you sit down and talk with your husband, don't accept his vague promise to "look into this" or to "discuss the matter later." In addition, know where you stand, legally, in the face of his resistance or threats. Know where you would stand after a divorce.

In the same speech we mentioned, Clinton also said, "Change is never easy. But change is our only choice." We agree. When we embrace change, it is the exhilarating essence of life."

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