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Sexy Lingerie at Wicked Temptations


by Ruth D. Kerce

She lay naked on the bed, waiting for him to fuck her. She wasn’t the type of woman he usually went for but he’d been drawn to her tonight. And now here they were together. Alone.

They must have met up at the party but he didn’t actually remember. Didn’t even remember bringing her back home. Damn.

He hoped he hadn’t brought her back on his motorcycle, for he’d had way too much to drink. But not so much that his cock didn’t work. He felt exceptionally hard and exceptionally captivated by this beautiful woman.

He’d sensed that she needed him. And he needed her too. For more than just sex.

As soon as the thought hit him, he froze. Where the hell had that come from? He’d never needed anyone. Not on a personal level or any other way. He lived alone, worked alone, walked his path in life alone.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t entirely true. It was just how he’d lived since being forced from his commando unit and since his brother had been killed in the Middle East. It’s what he’d wanted for his future. To remain a loner. Fewer complications in life that way. Fewer heartaches. But something about this woman strangely made him want more. Made him want to take a chance.

Or maybe it had just been too long since his last good fuck.

He peeled the shirt from his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. With a small smile lingering on her mouth, her eyes followed his movements. His own mouth hitched up at the corner.

As he unbuckled his belt, his gaze skimmed her body -- petite, firm, nicely-rounded breasts with pink nipples and a thatch of dark curls covering her pussy. So sexy. And tonight, she was all his.

She spread her legs, bending her knees, giving him a good look at her. Fuck. She was driving him nuts. And she damn well knew it too. The tease.

When he unzipped his jeans, she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. It took everything he had to keep from groaning. He could almost feel her pouty mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking the cum right out of him. He shucked his pants and briefs, intending to show her a very good time.

She obviously had the same thought, for she curled her finger, enticing him to join her. He didn’t hesitate and crawled up next to her. His mouth immediately found one of her breasts and he sucked greedily, loving the taste of her flesh against his lips and tongue.

His fingers found her moist pussy and he delved inside, stroking her clit with his thumb until she moaned. He hesitated and when she made a sound of protest, he stroked her some more, loving the low, sexy sounds she made when aroused.

Her fingers circled his cock and he jerked. The coolness of her hand, wrapped around his warm shaft, made him actually stop breathing for a few seconds. With effort, he forced much-needed air back into his lungs until he felt on steady ground once more.

He needed to get inside this woman before he came against her hand. Something he hadn’t done since he was a teenager but she affected him that much. Or maybe the booze had something to do with his lack of control.

Reluctantly, he released her breast, giving her nipple one last lick. Delicious. He slid down her body and spread her pussy with his thumbs. Ah yeah. He leaned over and circled her clit with his tongue. She moaned and arched her back. After a few more flicks of his tongue and several whimpers from her, he sucked her clit into his mouth. He loved the taste of a woman -- her lips, her nipples, her pussy. Her hands tangled in his hair but he didn’t intend to let her come. Not without him.

Unwilling to deny himself any longer, he released her clit and covered her body, spreading her legs wider with his knees. Then he sank inside her pussy, giving her every last inch of his hard cock. Oh, damn, she feels good. Her warmth surrounded and gripped him, keeping him deep.

For a moment he just lay on top of her, supporting his weight with his elbows, enjoying the feel of his cock buried deeply inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and pushed up her hips, demanding more.

When she opened her mouth to say something, he covered her lips with his and eased his tongue into her mouth. No words. No complications. He just wanted to feel tonight.

He moved his hips, fucking her hard. He moved his mouth, kissing her hard. He needed to conquer this woman. To give her the orgasm of a lifetime. Something she’d never forget.

She mewled and clawed at his back, not in protest, but in obvious need. Her hips moved in rhythm with his as she turned wild beneath him.

He tore his mouth from hers. “Oh, fuck, yeah!”

Her body bowed. “Ace!”

A ring in his head jarred the moment. He jerked. What the --

Slowly, he roused and became aware of his surroundings. Shit! His dick, hard as steel, pressed into the mattress. Nothing but a fucking dream. Figures. Or was it a memory?

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Can this former Army Ranger save her?

by Ruth D. Kerce

(a contemporary suspense)

erotic romance

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-- August Direct Answers
     from Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers appears in newspapers on six continents.

-- Direct Answers by Wayne and Tamara

From Alexis:

"Four months ago I met my date through an online dating service. We are both divorced, in our mid-40s, with grown children in another country. On our fifth date I stayed overnight and after that, for the next three months, I stayed regularly on a Friday or Saturday night.

While I was there with him, he would get a phone call from his ex-girlfriend. When I questioned him about their relationship, he told me it ended over a year ago.

Five weeks into our relationship he had an accident and needed an operation on his right hand. He called me at work and said he needed my help as he couldn’t function properly with one arm. For the next four days I went after work to bathe, cook, wash and clean for him. I thought we were getting along fine.

So, after four months of dating, I asked, “How much do you like me?” His answer was, “Six out of 10.” I was shocked. My next question was, “Are you seeing anybody else? Am I your girlfriend?” His answer was, “I am not seeing anybody else, and you are a special friend, not a girlfriend.”

I was very hurt.

We made plans to be together on the night before a recent holiday. I waited until 5 p.m. before calling to remind him. He said he wanted to make it an early night because he had to work the next morning. My heart broke. I did not believe him. I told him I thought he didn’t want me to stay over because he had other plans.

When he dropped me off at 9 p.m., I cried. He was quiet and just drove away. I did not hear from him the next day or the day after.

I left some clothes and personal items at his apartment, and I know he will call me about them. Should I see him again or give up completely?"

Wayne & Tamara's Answer:

"Alexis, one way to explain his behavior is that, when he met you, he wasn’t ready to date. Even though the breakup was over a year ago, he was still under the spell of his ex. If that’s the case, the breakup was an open wound that never healed.

That’s the most charitable explanation of his behavior.

When he got hurt, you were the only person he could call for help. You thought this brought you closer together. You thought it made him appreciate you. But he had no other choice. To this day he isn’t embarrassed about using you. There is a shamelessness and an audacity about that, when he should be chagrined.

If he hadn’t been in an accident, your relationship might have ended earlier, as you figured out his true feelings, or rather lack thereof. But at least now you know.

What physical items could possibly be worth more contact with this man? His ingratitude is colossal. If you need the items you left at his apartment, send someone to fetch them. If you don’t need them, text him to throw your stuff away and not contact you again.

There is only one thing we could say about this man that is slightly positive. When he dropped you off at home, at least he stopped the car."

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