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Sexy Lingerie at Wicked Temptations

(adults only)

by Ruth D. Kerce

Chaz set his empty coffee cup on the desk. He walked over to the cushy chair positioned in the corner of his home office, where most days he would sit and look out the long window on the opposite wall and lose himself in his thoughts.

Today, something other than the outdoor view of his ranch held his attention. He sat down and flipped through the photos on his cell phone, looking for good ones of his little, chestnut-colored mare. Hed found an interested buyer who wanted to see more pictures of her before placing a bid. As he searched, an old image of Cherry suddenly popped up on the screen. He was waiting to hear from her on another horse deal.

Hed known Cherry most of his life. Her parents had been good friends with his and were constant fixtures here at the ranch in their younger days. He stared at the photo, thinking back to the summer when hed taken it. Shed been a real beauty back then. She still was actually. Her long blonde hair, rosy cheeks, piercing green eyes, the reddest of lips, and a smile that never stopped had made her one of the popular girls. They used to call her Cheery Cherry in high school -- CC for short -- and the name fit.

At one time, theyd taken a shot at a relationship. It hadnt lasted long, much to his disappointment. Though theyd parted by mutual agreement and on good terms, hed regretted that decision over the years. He missed having her around. He missed her quirkiness and the way she could always make him laugh. He missed a lot of things about her.

Now she was back in town, temporarily for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and while she waited on a new job offer to come through. Thanksgiving had come and gone way too quickly, and Christmas was just around the corner. She wouldnt be here for much longer.

He shifted uncomfortably as more intimate memories flooded through him. Though she used to irritate the hell out of him at times, she was also the most enticing woman hed ever known. The first time theyd made love had been a fantasy come true for him and was seared into his brain forever. Theyd gone on a picnic dinner with a group of friends. After theyd eaten, everyone else left to watch the fireworks the county was shooting off in celebration of a wine festival being held in the area. Cherry had wanted to stay and star gaze, so hed stayed with her.

They were lying on a blanket looking up through the trees when shed asked him if he thought she was pretty. He chuckled as he remembered his quick reply. Hell, yeah. Then theyd looked at each other, and that had been it.

Shed climbed on top of him and started kissing and nuzzling his neck. Even just the memory of that night made his dick grow hard. Shed squirmed on top of his groin until hed thought he would go crazy. Then with a casual tone, as if it were a common thing, shed asked, Can I suck your cock?

All hed been able to do was nod like an idiot. Shed lifted off him and torn open his shorts like a woman possessed. Even in the dimming light from the campfire that hed started earlier in the evening, hed been able to see her red, red lips moving up and down his shaft. Shed licked and sucked him until hed been practically mad with the need to come. Im going to lose it, hed warned her, barely getting out the words.

That had stopped her. Not yet, shed said. Shed reached under her short skirt and pulled off her underwear, then sat back, spread her legs, and lifted the flimsy garment. Do me.

Hed scrambled to his knees and dove between her legs like some boy after his first taste. She definitely hadnt been his first, but shed certainly been his best. Hed eagerly licked her pussy, flicking her clit, pushing his tongue inside her. Over and over, hed tongue fucked her until her body began to tremble. Hed been determined not to stop short as she had. Hed wanted her to come, while hed had the chance at her, in case it was only a one time thing.

And she had come. Hard. He could almost still taste her if he concentrated on the memory enough.

Shed grabbed his head, and her fingers had clutched his scalp, as shed screamed out his name. Shed jerked up her hips, pressing her pussy more snuggly against his mouth and pleaded, Dont stop!

What a fucking great time hed had. Hed actually made her come three times that night with his tongue. While she had lain there recovering, hed dug into his wallet for a condom. His dick had grown hard as a rock, and hed needed to come so badly by that time that hed actually hurt. When hed turned back toward her, Cherry had flashed her signature smile at him.

Thats when shed bent her knees and said, Saddle up, cowboy.

Man, that had been an unforgettable ride. No woman had ever satisfied him so much or made him crave more like she had. Over the years, hed often replayed the events of that time and a few others in his head. The memories kept him company on lonely nights and fueled his fantasies whenever he took his own hand to himself.

A clang made him jump. The chimes on the grandfather clock by the door brought him back to reality sooner than he would have liked. He glanced at the time. Shit. Shed be here soon. He changed his position in the chair. His jeans felt tight from his semi-erection. He needed to jerk off before Cherry arrived, otherwise hed probably try to fuck her where she stood.

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"I have been married 22 years to a kind and thoughtful man. We have two children, a son and a daughter. My daughter now is in college and my son a senior in high school. Thankfully my husband still has a job, and we live fairly well.

My problem lies in my upbringing and birth family. My mother was a very cruel person. There were three siblings in the house: my older brother, my sister and me. My parents divorced when I was eight.

We struggled financially and had to put up with my mother's violent mood swings. It was hellish at best. Sadly none of the siblings bonded and to best describe the situation, it was the classic dysfunctional family.

My sister was the middle child and the "hero child." She is now 56 and waits on my mother hand and foot. Her entire life centers on mother. Thankfully, they live hundreds of miles away. My mother is 91, and we have travelled down there on many occasions to see them for the holidays.

They have never been up to see us, and my sister has never once spent time with her niece and nephew. She only dotes on mother. Every year my sister tells me this is "mother's last Christmas," and we need to go down and see her once again. This has been going on over 10 years.

I would like to move on with my life. I've sent countless gift packages, floral arrangements, gift cards, you name it. In my own way, I too dote on "mother." Do you have any advice for me?"

Wayne & Tamara's Answer:

"Heidi, you are looking at your family with two different lenses, one on each eye. The first lens is the Hallmark greeting card lens, and the second is the lens of reality. Continuing to do this can only make you cross-eyed.

You act as if you failed to provide your children with a grandmother and an aunt, when you should be pleased they are not in contact with the kids. Reframe this. We would call it a silver lining that these two never had a chance to influence your children.

It is natural for people to want their kids to have relatives who love and support them, but you can't give your children what you never had. You are still grieving over the lack of a close family, like an only child wishing for siblings.

Your sister is a martyr and to be a martyr she needs to continue to be a victim. Let her, but don't join her. She is not a hero. She is attached to her abuser. She is a victim, and you fortunately are not. Stop the visits and inform your sister, "This year we won't be coming."

This year, look at your cruel mother and sister through the lens of reality. This year, give yourself the gift of letting it all go."

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